Abram Shtern

Dear Alex Yurovitsky! Recently I played on one of your violins. It made a magnificent impression on me! The craftsmanship, the sound, are on the level of the best Italian masters!


A Shtern, Soloist

Bracha Malkin

Bravo! Thank you for the opportunity to perform on your beautiful instrument. It was sonorous, even-toned and bright.

With all the best wishes to continue your craftsmanship,

Bracha Malkin, Soloist

Dmitri Levin

I have been playing violins made by Alex Yurovitsky for more than 20 years. The sound is very rich and powerful and response and flexibility are outstanding. In my position as a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra I had many opportunities to compare his violins to very expensive and famous old Italian violins. Alex's violins were always on par or better than violins costing 20 to 50 times more. He is truly an outstanding modern violin maker.

Dmitri Levin, Philadelphia Orchestra

Felix Andrievsky

Dear Alexander, I am impressed beyond words with the violins I played in your workshop. Their aesthetic appeal and worksmanship are equal only to their sound. This wonderful harmony reminds me of the greatest violins I ever played in my life, like Amatis, Strads, and Guarneri Del Jesu.

With admiration,

Dr. Felix Andrievsky, The Royal College of Music

Gil Shaham

Dear Alex, Just a quick note to say Bravo for your fine violins! I was lucky enough to play a couple in Europe last week and enjoyed them very much.

Thank you,

Gil Shaham, Soloist

Mela Tenenbaum

Dear Alexander! Thank you very much for your violin. I love this instrument. The sound is great and it looks beautiful.

I am going to use it for some of my concerts and recordings. I will also recommend your instrument to my students.

Thank you again,

M Tenenbaum

Viktoria Grigoreva

Dear Alex, Definitely recomment your violins to my students as one of the most beautiful and best sounding instruments I have heard and played. It's perfect for those who have a potential for a solo career and participate in the competitions.

Best Wishes,

Viktoria Grigoreva, Royal College of Music JD, Eton College